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Advance your Wind Turbine inspections with A.I.

Your complete digital wind farm inspection solution

Discover how Unleash live can streamline your wind turbine blade inspections and transition your operations without impacting existing workflows

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Reduced Costs

Reduce inspection costs by up to 40% across the life of the asset.

Unleash live combines automated UAV flights and computer vision to detect blade damage.

Reduce resources required for manual inspections.

Realize ROI for your operations by deploying Unleash live Windfarm Analytics today.

Faster Collection

Collect data up to 6 times faster.

Live video stream footage directly into a secure cloud platform, giving your team access to the insights they need, in the office, in the field and on the go.

Remove the need for storing images and video on SD cards or local laptops.

Improved Quality

Increase fault finding by up to 20%.

Unleash live identifies up to 7 different types of blade faults with higher rates of accuracy.

Eliminate manual, labourious analysis with low execution accuracy adversely impacting maintenance turn around times.

Clearer Outcomes

Obtain your inspection outputs immediately.

Unleash live provides a range of reports, from real-time dashboards, to traditional paper based PDF.

Eliminate traditional bottlenecks associated with large data sets to streamline decision-making processes and to focus on critical operational data.

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