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Computer vision unlocks access to new datasets presented in the physical world around us
Our environment is abundant with data that can help plan, monitor and maintain a higher quality of life for residents. IoT sensors are limited in their ability to capture the vast array of data that is present in the physical world. Whether it be count of pedestrians, vehicles, potholes, graffiti, garbage, vehicle accidents to name just a few variables. All of these events leave a digital footprint that when analyzed can help shape the services provided to improve city living.
Where IoT solutions are limited, Unleash live’s SmartCities is an easy-to-integrate, visual analytics solution that takes live video streams and provides insights in real time for planners and government to make better decisions faster. Unleash live uses computer vision and A.I. to provide data and analysis that adds new value and complements other forms of data collection for cities to identify, inform, alert, plan and predict. Cities are starting to unlock this vast treasure trove of data and overhauling both the speed of execution and raise the effectiveness of public works for residents.
Case Study
Sacramento City’s, in California, aim was to collect richer and more accurate data on pedestrian volumes in a more streamlined way to inform the placement of crosswalks at intersections throughout the City. Through the use of street cameras, and other commercial data sources, the City was able to be more responsive to changing conditions and better equipped to prioritize pedestrian crossings​.
  • Track pedestrian and vehicle movement with heatmaps to identity bottlenecks, extent of use and other analytical insights
  • Assess transportation utilization and minimize congestion or crowd build up
  • Operational Maintenance - Detect anomalies, catalogue assets and improve maintenance efficiency
Automate data capture
  • Reduce the need for manual and inaccurate data capture
  • Gather large data sets for statistically relevant conclusions
  • Enable broader collection of data across multiple locations
  • Monitor on an ongoing basis to improve operations
Gather clear insights
  • Provide insights into urban behaviour
  • Utilise heatmaps to analyze flow of pedestrians
  • Activate notification and alerts to become aware of triggered events
  • Integrate pedestrian data into traffic signal timing
Sample A.I. Algorithms
people movement picture
People Movement
Track movement of people and identify speed, direction and flow of people traffic to and from areas
vehicle count picture
Vehicle Count
Identify and count cars, track their movement and analyse flow for directional and traffic analysis
potholes detection picture
Potholes Detection
Identify target areas for further investigation and assessment of road damage. Identified problem areas are geo tagged for faster locating