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Automate inspections to reduce hazard exposure, improve safety and increase productivity
Mining has significant untapped potential for productivity improvement as it’s OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) performance is below benchmarks compared to similar industries. Safety is ideally a corporate value, and not simply a compliance program. Pressures on productivity and safety require mining companies to come up with innovative new ways to keep their workers safe while delivering increased profits.
Increase operational clarity and efficiency with the use of real time video analytics, A.I. and cloud computing. Connect environments and assets such as conveyor belts, drones, haul trucks, blast zones and physical infrastructure to a significant number of cameras ingesting live video to provide visual oversight with A.I. detection, alerts, notifications and complete auditing trail.
Case Study
Methane leaks are a major cause for revenue loss in energy generation and a significant contributor to CH4 environmental impact. Estimates run from 2%-8% of total extracted methane being lost into the environment. Unleash live have automated the process from capturing the leak via thermal cameras to obtaining insight on source and severity of leak. Methane Leak Detector A.I. maps the entirety of a methane gas plume allowing data science teams to conduct further analysis.
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Risk Safety Net
  • Reduce risk by safely monitoring dangerous situations with tailored alerts and notifications such as blast hole identification
  • Bring experts closer to the field with collaboration through live video and A.I. analytics
  • Improve road safety on sites by monitoring traffic, road conditions and hazards
  • Using A.I., identify people and objects, measure change, assess density, and store all video data for auditing and training purposes
Asset Monitoring
  • Navigate connected cameras visualized in a geospatial environment to gain greater operational clarity
  • Extract more digital insights such as geo referenced 3D models or highly accurate point clouds replicating physical environment for more control
  • Conveyor load, flow and balance recognition, ore volume and flow A.I. checks load, geometry and speed of flow in real time assisting OEE optimization
  • Tailing pipeline monitoring enables tracking changes in vegetation health, surface water levels, vegetation offsets, significant erosion and other environmental factors putting operations at risk
  • Monitor wildlife return and achieve higher levels of compliance against rehabilitation plans
  • Provide visual records of land rehabilitation according to projected plans
Sample A.I. Algorithms
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Methane Leak AI
Identify the location of gas pipeline methane leaks, map the plume size and extremities for volume assessment
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Blast A.I.
Safely inspect blast zone without entering the site, identify a misfire and record securely all blast video and images for review
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Perimeter Detection
Reduce the time required to visually analyze perimeters, identify unusual activity or breaches, notify the responsible personnel for fast action