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Law enforcement, security personnel and event organizers can improve coordination and reduce costs
How accurately can a human tell if a given space has over 500 people? Or detect the square meter density of a crowd? Human attention to CCTV cameras, or staying focused on a given situation can vary widely based on the complexity and the length of time an individual is tasked with concentration. Further complexity arises with environmental factors, disruptions, multiple incidents occurring simultaneously, or operational inefficiencies where personnel are struggling to maintain focus and accuracy.
Accurately detect individuals or the size of a crowd, the direction, density, flow and the speed of movement, providing real time feedback on a live stream to multiple authorized stakeholders. Become alerted when a predefined zone has exceeded an event with notifications via sms or email. Empower a mobile command center with multiple live stream video and applied A.I. to achieve higher levels of collaboration and coordinated decision making.
Case Study
Unleash Live partnered with San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) and Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to provide additional assistance for event planning and assistance during SF Fleet Week, with a focus on the Humanitarian Assistance Village (HAV) on the Marina Green. SFPD worked with a digital interactive map of the Marina Green for planning and spatial awareness during the event to enable actual vs planned assets location of heavy vehicles, command posts, tents and key points of interest and real time data from multiple sources for more detailed and collaborative decision making.
Law enforcement
  • Setup mobile or fixed cameras and live stream with Crowd Count A.I in minutes from a wide range of commercial and consumer grade cameras
  • Scale to your needs, add cameras as and when you need them
  • Tailor alerts specific to your needs and remove the need for personnel tied to watching cameras
Festival and events
  • Utilize connected cameras to count the number of visitors (inbound and outbound)
  • Identify fence jumping and trespassing with Computer Vision
  • Utilize 2D & 3D modelling to assist with accurate deployment to plan
  • Utilize Crowd Count A.I. to reduce risk of overcrowding
Security and site security
  • Reduce the need for manpower by utilizing artificial intelligence to detect and monitor changes in crowd movement and incidents
  • Secure perimeters and access with face id recognition
  • Alert authorized personnel when a pre defined incident is triggered in a cameras field of view
Sample A.I. Algorithms
crowd count picture
Crowd Count
Identify count people within a given scene to provide in frame and cumulative counts
crowd density picture
Crowd Density
Assess density of mass numbers of people at key locations to provide indicators of load capacity and crowd monitoring
perimeter detection picture
Perimeter Detection
Set perimeter boundaries and zones and be alerted of unwanted intrusions and breaches