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Emergency Service crews know the power of actionable data in real time to help make fast decisions
Utilizing cameras to provide situational awareness from the Fireground is not new. Air operations have a birds eye view providing the clarity needed to make critical decisions. Visual confirmation plays an important role under pressure in an Incident Control Room. Current solutions are costly, require extensive operational planning to utilize and visual data availability is delayed or limited. These factors and more limit the operational clarity needed when making crucial decisions.
Connected cameras provide real time clarity of the operating theatre, whether placed on an aircraft, drone, first responder, vehicle, smartphone or a temporary mounted pole. Commanders and field personnel can gain situational awareness with Unleash live to extract key insights with artificial intelligence by simultaneously ingesting a significant number of cameras in real time. Within a matter of seconds connect a camera, securely transmit its field of view and permit authorized personnel to apply A.I. detection to their stream. Unleash live is built to help Commanders, first responders and field operatives across the full spectrum of operations.
Case Study
Redding City Police department, in Northern California, wanted fast actionable data to better understand the extent of damage caused as a result of the wildfires in California utilizing their UAV program. Unleash live, Redding City Police Dept and DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer, came together to demonstrate fast insights shortly after the events. Within minutes of the completed flight, the geospatial data is visualized on the Unleash live A.I. data analytics platform providing an accurate map of individual properties, their location and the extent of damage. The speed of providing this data to Emergency Services, Utilities companies, Law enforcement and families is crucial to accelerate the rebuild efforts.
Pre Operations / Planning
  • Increase preparedness with detailed models of communities at risk by producing high resolution 2D and 3D models fast
  • Capture high resolution still images to aid planning and future comparisons
  • Improve collaboration between field personnel and the Incident Control Room with real time audio and video from mobile devices, drones and connected cameras all delivered through an intuitive browser interface, mobile, tablet and desktop
During Operations
  • Provide authorized personnel with visual clarity by leveraging existing drone operations and connecting fire engines and personnel with cameras
  • Recognize hot spots and temperature changes with the use of thermal imaging
  • Visualize the placement of all live cameras geo located on a map and switch between live streams to gain the operational clarity needed to take action
  • Apply Fire Damage Detection A.I. to live video and determine the extent of destruction to property
After action review
  • All visual data housed in one secure cloud location available for authorized personnel to conduct training and future planning
  • Utilize visual data for auditing and operational documentation purposes
  • Create high resolution 2D and 3D models to document operational effectiveness and future planning
  • Select images to compare changes to environmental conditions
Sample A.I. Algorithms
damage detection picture
Damage Detection
Identify and count damaged and destroyed buildings and structures
difference detection picture
Difference Detection
Automatically identify differences over time for analysis and assessment of infrastructure, environment and structural change
lost persons detection picture
Lost Persons Detection
Detect people from a UAV at heights ranging from 2 - 120 metres for search and rescue operations