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Respond faster to the COVID-19 Crisis

Gain immediate clarity of citizen movement and density

Empower your emergency responders to act and manage the spread of COVID-19 more effectively

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Powerful tools for cities and governments

  • Real-time people count from A.I. analysis

  • Alerts based on group size

  • Measure group density automatically

  • Monitor situations as they unfold with live video

Immediate Scale

Connect your existing cameras, such as street cameras, drones, and mobile phones.

Configure your custom A.I. to assess crowd density and crowd movement.

Avoid lengthy and costly hardware configuration and integration.

Faster Response

Understand the situation across the city or specific hotspots.

Live video stream footage directly into a secure cloud platform, giving your team access to the insights they need, in the office, in the field and on the go.

Remove the need for unneccessarily sending out police, and emergency responders.

Improved Quality

Get minute by minute actionable insights.

Unleash live assesses crowd volume and density with high rates of accuracy.

Eliminate manual, labourious analysis with low execution accuracy adversely impacting response times.

Clearer Actions

Get your insights when you need them most.

Unleash live provides a range of alerts and reports, from real-time notifications, dashboards, to traditional paper based PDF.

Eliminate bottlenecks associated with paper or large data sets to streamline decision-making processes and to focus on critical operational action.

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