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With powerful cameras on site, reduce safety incidents and costly errors with real time visuals and A.I. analytics
Construction sites are notoriously difficult to streamline processes and increase productivity as traditional methods result in siloed and disjointed work spaces compounded with under digitization over decades of flat productivity output. Every site is unique and therefore present their own unique risks and challenges with multiple contractors and subcontractors complicating the ability to make insights based decisions.
Connected cameras on a job site can provide continuous monitoring, allowing authorized personnel to be alerted, and to analyze activities such as truck arrivals and departures, contractor presence on site and equipment utilization in real time. Unleash live ingests live stream video cameras mounted on job sites to provide actionable insights to reduce bottlenecks, track progress and be informed regarding security matters.
Case Study
Existing JSEA (Job Safety and Environmental Analysis) processes are manual and prone to errors. Unleash live has developed a number of A.I. models combined to improve compliance and reduce manual documentation. A complete history kept as a visual record is stored for auditing purposes. The intelligent sign in/out visual detection methodology enables staff to be positively authenticated to enter and is wearing the necessary equipment prior to entering the job site.
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  • Provide insurance underwriters with comprehensive video records for compliance
  • Reduce liability issues by utilizing Hard Hat A.I. and other leading edge A.I. solutions to ensure workers are compliant with safety standards
Asset monitoring
  • Real time construction site oversight, infrastructure inspection and progress tracking against project schedule or design
  • Difference Detection A.I. is an accurate system assisting identification of anomalies and detecting change on a regular basis
  • Track arrival and departure of materials and contractors onto sites
  • Use and share 2D, 3D generated data for estimates, measuring and preventing rework for more efficient project execution
  • Real time perimeter monitoring assists logistics, safer operations and logging staff or contractor activity
  • Reduce bottlenecks by better understanding hoist and other equipment productivity
Sample A.I. Algorithms
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Supplier Management A.I.
Manage supplier activity by recording time/date of arrival and departure and identify unauthorized personnel
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Hard Hat A.I.
Automatically detect worker compliance on construction and industrial sites
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Perimeter Detection
Reduce the time required to visually analyze perimeters, identify unusual activity or breaches, notify the responsible personnel for fast action