Connect your Field operations to the Office

Unleash live is your digital command hub, connecting the field to the office
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Manage your operations to make better decisions

Unleash live provides all critical infrastructure for you to set-up professional image capture, live streaming, storage, analysis and distribution.
Stream up to 1080p
High res 4K images
 Editing and backup
Over WiFi or 4G LTE
Modelling and Analysis
Artificial Intelligence

Seamlessly integrate your best drones, cameras and A.i. solutions

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Real Time

Stream live video anywhere in the world and collaborate with key stakeholders

Cloud Based

Securely back up, save and share your media in the Unleash Live Cloud

Fleet Management

Manage multiple devices streaming to one account

Enable powerful A.I. for faster, better decisions

Make better, faster decisions on-the-fly with custom A.I. solutions analysing your video and image stream 


Powerful 3D modelling and point cloud solutions

Live Object Recognition

Real time object recognition within a live stream from anywhere in the world

A.I. Clipping

Smart clipping of videos for better insights management

Connect All your best Drones and cameras

Connect leading drones, digital and rtmp enabled cameras to one central location to capture key information and manage your workflow in real time.

Stream live content

Stream live video to any audience via a secure central platform or embed your stream on a 3rd party branded websites to reach a global audience.

Create Best Video footage, effortlessly

Review, select, and create clips or highlights immediately after the mission or event and share with your audience or head office. Backup and save your images and videos directly in the Unleash live cloud, no need for SD cards.

Add powerful AI for better decisions

Make better decisions with custom artificial intelligence solutions build straight into your video streams. This enables you to highlight the critical moments in your video stream and make faster, better decisions.

Collaborate with your Field

Collaborate with your field operators in real time to manage your remote projects in the field and allow your customers to make quick, accurate decisions

Showcase Project Progress

Store key data and keep stakeholders up to date with powerful visual presentation showing project progressions. Allow key stakeholders to view your live streams, interact with your media, point and clouds 3D models.

Manage your drone fleet and cameras effectively

Organise your connected drone and camera equipment and enhance your workflow by connecting field locations with office teams.. Assign devices to specific locations, add, edit, change devices as you grow.

Differentiate with powerful connected solutions

Analyse, edit or share your video and images through powerful software solutions on your cloud account. Such as 3D modelling, orthographic mapping, point cloud creation and more. Integrate with your Autodesk Cloud and Adobe Cloud accounts to enable you to do more with your media data.

Test the power of the Unleash live platform today

Starting March 1st and lasting until mid 2018, Unleash live is available for beta testing to further improve the platform, optimise performance and receive your feedback.

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