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Unleash your future at the forefront of computer vision, live streaming and artificial intelligence
Get to know us
We’re a growing company disrupting industries with exciting technology at the forefront of automating workflows and transforming processes. We’re a growing team passionate about engineering, aviation and design who share a common purpose and core values that are consistent in the way we work and play.
As an organisation focused on helping our customers make faster decisions, we trust our team to make the decisions necessary to help us grow and build exceptional experiences.
Our team is located across several continents with offices in Sydney, Munich and San Francisco. We work in an agile mode, on location and remote fashion supporting each other with a heavy bias towards open communication and high quality outcomes.
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Our Values

Deliberate and precise in our execution, while flexible and adaptive to our approach


We build enterprise grade solutions designed for high reliability and scalability


Building an environment of open communication, empowerment and transparency for our clients, teams and partners


A commitment to innovate and progress high quality engineering and experience design solution at the frontiers of global knowledge


For an A.I. company, it is important that we remember what it means to be human. We seek to be open minded, empathetic and have a positive impact on the world


At Unleash live, intelligence is about providing differentiated insights, while being passionately curious, dedicated to simplicity, and seeking to avoid problems before they arise, rather than merely fixing them

Current openings
UI Product Designer

Sydney, Australia - Full Time

We are looking for a design rockstar to join us to create innovative and new interfaces that the world has never seen. You will have the opportunity to design user flows and UI for how users will experience our platform.

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Marketing / Admin Support

Sydney, Australia - Full Time

As a PMO, consultant, implementer and overall support resource, the successful candidate will be across all key initiatives and ensure that the prioritised activities are in line with the goals set out by the CEO.

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Frontend Angular 7 Developer

Sydney, Australia - Full Time

You will build, maintain and scale our world class Angular 7 and Material Design front end for desktop and mobile PWA as well as work closely with the engineering teams to define what new features and systems need to get built.

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Senior AI Developer

Sydney, Australia - Full Time

As a Senior AI Engineer you will be a key member of the A.I. Engineering team with a broad knowledge of machine learning and software development techniques to help design and implement a cutting-edge A.I. platform.

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Senior DevOps Engineer

Sydney, Australia - Full Time

Platform Engineering require a team member to help grow our cloud infrastructure and maintain existing processes using best practices and automation tools.

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