Unleashing the future of connected vehicles

Advances in connected aerial vehicles, cars and other robots are touching our lives in profound ways
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Industries as diverse as sports, mobility, agriculture, insurance and tourism are being rapidly disrupted. Drones and other autonomous vehicles give us an opportunity to create entirely new perspectives and business models.

Our mission is to unleash these opportunities.

We are enabling new experiences and business models through a scalable software platform for the collection, storage and distribution of data from connected vehicles. Our connected cloud platform is changing the way people interact with networked devices in the field, providing an innovative solution for small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises.

We combine software and device engineering, mobile development, computer vision, interaction design and other cutting edge technologies to create simple, beautiful products and solutions for our customers. We are an experienced and passionate team of technologists, AI and aviation enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who are committed to redefining what’s possible.

Founded by entrepreneurs who have a track record of building successful technology companies, we have offices in Sydney, Australia, and Munich, Germany, and will launch our product and services progressively through 2018.

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We’re looking for a seasoned Technical Lead and Full-stack developers passionate about drones, autonomous vehicles, IoT, data analytics and VR. Check out our Jobs page.

If you have a proven track record of developing world class products, we want to hear from you.

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We are rolling out partnership programs for hardware manufacturers, video and image production professionals, drone pilots and innovators seeking to shape the future of A.I. video analytics. Contact us to become a partner.